Curtis Goes to the Big City

by The Damsels in Distress



released January 1, 2006



all rights reserved


The Damsels in Distress Springfield, Missouri

The Damsels in Distress started in Springfield, MO in 2006. The music sounds like two people playing songs influenced by 80's and 90's punk/rock/antifolk.

Micah and Lauren are currently writing music for the KUAR Arts and Letters radio show and writing and recording music in their studio in Springfield. They play shows when people ask them.
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Track Name: Curtis Goes to the Big City
"Curtis Goes to the Big City" read, written, and performed by Micah Sukany for Lauren Kaye Sudduth, Christmas 2006.
Track Name: Go Curtis Go
Once upon a time there was a sheep named Curtis who went on a bus to the big city. Go Curtis go!
Track Name: And Curtis Goes
Curtis lived on a lovely farm in the country. He was a normal sheep except he loved adventure. One day he hopped on a bus and went toward the bright lights.
Track Name: Rough Red Bus
The bus wasn’t what Curtis expected. It was rough and red and full of chickens. Curtis had a hard time finding a seat, but when he did he felt much relieved.

On a rough, red bus.
Traveling to the city.
Engines turning hard.
Chickens make the worst traveling friends.
It's true.

On a rough, red bus.
Traveling to the city.
Wheels turning fast.
One mile to maybe 50.
Chickens make the worst traveling friends.
It's true.

Bock, bock, bock.

On a rough, red bus.
Traveling to the city.
Engines purring hard.

By the time we get there, we'll all be hard boiled.
Track Name: The Big Metal City
As Curtis stepped off the bus, the very first things that he noticed were the tall buildings- the skyscrapers. Amazed, Curtis watched as the people of the city rolled around him like cogs of a fantastic clock. Stop. Go. Car. Crowd. The madness was synced like a machine. Curtis had never seen anything like it . . . ever.
Track Name: Curtis Wanders (mafia)
Curtis wandered around the city looking for some excitement. He wandered past the library and past the art museum, and right into the great cathedral.
Track Name: African Church Choir
The choir was practicing in the nave and never before had he heard such beautiful music. This was the excitement he had been looking for.

Curtis couldn't help but be moved. Never had he heard such a powerful groove. He stood transcended for this was no regular cathedral. It was the cathedral of Afro-beat. Reverend Fela Anikulapo Kuti presiding.

Do it Curtis.
Track Name: Curtis is Changed
Stepping out of the cathedral, Curtis knew he would never be the same. He had danced and he had sung, and he had touched on something so vitally important. He had found the excitement of service and proclaiming the truth. Curtis got back on the bus, and went home content with his adventure.
Track Name: Curtis Theme Song
The "Curtis Theme Song" is instrumental.